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November 17, 2021

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    Mama Pelagia has branded beloved tastes from balsamic vinegar, one is with natural oranges from Crete, one again with thyme honey and a another with special taste of carob syrup. Balsamic vinegar with thyme honey, natural orange, carob syrup and as a cream or plain.

    AlexasRaki, TsikoudiaKritis from organic farming controlled by  Raki, Rakomelo and aged Raki as well as ouzo has been marked with a trademark of our father face figure as a sign of Cretan traditional sight of acknowledge of life as a distillation of things happen.

    Patima olive oil, Patima is the name of our extra virgin olive oil we produce around Kournaslake. A world that is connected with the area where our olive grooves exists.

    Thyme honey has been signed from Mama Pelagia as an excellent taste and quality honey from beekeepers from the high mountains of Crete. Bees our collect their nectar from wild herbs at the spring time which give taste of aromas of Creta floras and at the end of the summer bees are moved on east Crete for collect honey in a pine forest, combination qive such a rich and balanced taste that you will love also in the easy to use packaging.

    Creta Carob, a treasure from the past with high calcium for pasta, rusk and biscuit.


    Selection of Mama Pelagia from Cretan wine varieties of organic farming. Special for lunch and dinnerLiatiko with Kotsifali accompany dishes with acidic meats and fats. Vidiano combines pleasant pasta with seafood while the white one with shellfish and cheese.Liatiko is a roze wine with a full body and a balanced aciticity which will help you to assert it with strong tastes of Cretan traditional foods with lamb in casserole.

    Wild herbs of Crete, mountain tea, oregano, thyme and sage.

    Sea salt from north cost of Chania

  • The estate and the story.

    Patima is a small village nearby Kournas, one of the biggest in the prefecture of Apokoronas, west and northern Crete, between Rethimno and Chania town. Alexakisfamily were farmers and vetricians for generations. Pelagias started as a small restaurant for cooking and offering meals for the visitors of the island with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes.

    The historical site of Patima village has ruins of post Minoan era. The place is surrounded by olive trees, cypress, vineyards and carob trees. Olive trees has a significant role in the economy of the area since many centuries as we meet trees really old. Theese trees produce olives with a very pleasant aftertaste and aroma.

    Today you can buy olive oil from many places and especially in our store beside restaurant and from eshop. MamaPelagia shop and eshop offers good deals for shipping all around EU countries with a flat rate. Perfect for a combination from the selection of balsamic vinegars, distilled organic drinks, wild herbs, thyme honey, wine and carob products as well. But not only Cretan cheese is also offered for shipping with express delivery within 2 days. Walnuts, almods, olives, and other products are also an excellent choice for your basket.