Welcome to Pelagia’s yard, a local traditional shop which emphasizes in selling homemade Cretan products with great quality.
All our products are sent through fast courier services in every EU country. Our shipping policy is safe and guarantees a shipment worth of paying. You can review our policy here.
We provide many kinds of fresh original Cretan products, such as balsamic vinegar, natural and very delicious oranges from our field, and honey. We have the specialty to produce a very natural thyme honey as well as honey with the taste of carob syrup. Of course, we provide balsamic vinegar with thyme honey, a very famous and well-used complement for salads in Greece.

Mama Pelagia


We bring fresh, seasonal organic produce from our family farm right to your doorstep. You choose the Box Type, Size and Frequency of your deliveries.Local deliveries (within approx 20 miles of the farm) – We are able to offer deliveries to specific local postcodes at a reduced rate of $3.39.See where you would fall in our current delivery days, or equally just contact us with your postcode and we will get back to you.

Seasonal Fruit & Veggie Box

The farm offers three CSA share sizes for week commencing June 18, 2016. Below are examples of what you can expect in your box at different points in the season.

1 * Potatoes - Washed (500g)

1 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots - Pre Pack (500g)

1 * Mushroom - Button (200g)

2 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes - Cherry (250g)

3 * Banana (ea)

3 * Kiwis (ea)

1 * Potatoes – Washed (2kg)

4 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots – Pre Pack (1000g)

1 * Mushroom – Button (800g)

8 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes – Cherry (800g)

12 * Banana (ea)

12 * Kiwis (ea)

1 * Potatoes – Washed (3kg)

6 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots – Pre Pack (1500g)

1 * Mushroom – Button (1200g)

14 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes – Cherry (1200g)

16 * Banana (ea)

16 * Kiwis (ea)

How it works

Learn about our olive oil quality and total cost for shipping at your place

Communicate with friends and family or collegues for sharing some quantity

Place your order and your olive oil will be packaged and in 4-5 days will reach at you.

Enjoy extra virgin olive oil fresh from our farm

8 Reasons To Go Organic

Guaranteed 100% Organic, Seasonal and Locally Grown.


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