Olive Oil Tasting & Food Pairing

We launch a new series of activities at Pelagia’s Yard, based around the olive oil culture. They are geared towards those who wish to enrich their knowledge about the olive oil and learn how to judge its quality.

Olive Oil tasting

At the start of the seminar participants will be able to hear a few things about the olive flowering period and olive cycle. Every participant will taste 3 different variations of Cretan extra virgin olive oil fresh from the year’s harvest. In that theme of the seminar we will make valuation in scale for each olive oil the fruitfulness, the spice and the bitterness.

Considering the previous scale we start to pair the taste of each olive oil with fresh raw vegetables and wild herbs to uncover the preferable combinations and talk about the optimal use of each sample.

Visit to the olive tree can be scheduled with previous communication.