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Climatic conditions in Crete, with fresh air summers and mild winters succeed in cultivation of olives. Fertile soil and willing farmers contribute primarily to the result of an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Collective work is accomplished with the participation, by the members of the family. In that way inherited knowledge is transmitted from old generation to the next. Farmers get round with rural occupation all the year. Minimum pesticide use adverse effect on the environment. Time for harvest and the family is moving on the olive orchard. Producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil requires coordination and discipline. Hard work at the same time with care, injuries on the olive tree should be evaded. Members are accounted in a task, hard or more skilled everyone takes part. Main subject for all is to obtain the extra virgin olive oil.

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Olive orchards in Crete today are in many cases mixed cultivations, trees with old roots from Tsounati variety and new plantations of Koroneiki. Modern tools and machines are in use for the best performance at the special Cretan terrain. Experts agree that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the most beneficial attribute for the human health. So farmers do their best.

Olives are forward in few hours after the harvest to the mill. For the transfer special boxes are used in order to achieve the required air circulation. Modern two phase mill provide the cold press within four hours for the high polyphenols extra virgin olive oil.

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Fresh cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is transferred at warehouse in stainless steel tanks. In a time of two to three moths our superior olive oil has gain its clarity, through the natural infiltration process. Mature of the flavor is achieved from the interval time. The mixture of the olive seeds performs now at the best for use in the human diet. It is content to transform every meal in a healthy temptation.

Since we own the land and the trees for many generations, the treatment of the olive trees and the sol comes as a heritage.

Olivenölflasche mit frischer Pasta
Olivenöl und Graviera-Käse
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Patima attempts to bring a pure product of excellent quality and taste to the global market by working directly with the farmers and the primary sector in order to ensure a high value olive oil at the best price available for its customers.
We do not stock! Yes we are thinking globally but we will not tolerate lower quality!
Our production theory combines fulfilling our customers needs with fresh yearly cropped olive oil! The extraction happens between December and January. After the product’s evaluation, happening in collaboration with the farmers, the Patima team chooses only the best to bottle and ship to its customers. Bottling period usually starts at the end of February up until March. Therefore make your order to count on quantity and ensure your yearly supply of fresh, rich and tasteful Greek Cretan Patima olive oil!

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Patima can easily be a product for every home and its selective chef, but it can also be your restaurant’s signature touch!
Shipping procedure lasts three weeks. Keep in mind that this time includes bottling your fresh olive oil to be delivered with all its texture and aroma directly on your plate! Payments are made in advance with the issue of an Invoice.
The best time for you to place your order with us will be in November when the harvest begins, until January where harvest ends.
Shipping solutions are easier to develop in order to meet the demand of quantities such as 40 to 100 litters and 100 to 400 liters.


Below you may see a short video on how our family
is collecting the olives.